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Important information for those with Mac computers: It's come to my attention that some people who try to view my ebooks on their Mac computers are unable to see the sound and video files included with the books. The problem seems to be with Apple's Preview application, which is the default viewer for PDFs on the Mac. Preview does not display the embedded sound and video files. To view them, you must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. You can download Adobe Reader for Mac here.

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picture of I Sing To You

I Sing To You: 100 Finnish Folk Songs and Tunes with Sing-able English Lyrics

This book contains simple melody lines and chords for 100 Finnish folk songs and tunes, along with both Finnish and sing-able English lyrics. Most of the melodies are play-able on a ten string kantele. For those of you who are interested, the songs/tunes break down as follows: 75 songs (with lyrics), 25 tunes (no lyrics). Of these, 19 songs/tunes can be played on a 5 string kantele, 54 are playable on a 10 string kantele, 9 can be played on an 11 string kantele and 18 have melodies that can't be played on a small kantele. Of course, even when you can't play the melody, you can still play the chords.

picture of My First Kantele Book

My First Kantele

This is the book for you, if you're teaching yourself how to play the kantele. Can't read music? Don't worry! You'll learn how. Each lesson includes a simple explanation of whatever you need to know to complete the lesson. Learn at your own pace, mastering each lesson before you continue. Those who can read music concentrate on learning how to play melodies and chords and practicing exercises, using standard fingering. Videos and sound files make it easy to learn. Quizzes test what you know and an Answer Key is included so you can check your answers. The second part of the book consists of 46 songs written for 5 and 10 string kanteles. This book is also available as an ebook.

picture of My Kantele Is My Teacher Book

My Kantele is My Teacher

This book includes basic info and instruction for 5 and 10 string kanteles. Learn different techniques such as how to play a kantele with a bow, pick or chopsticks. Information on caring for your kantele, finger positions, tuning and changing strings is also included. Music includes my arrangements of approximately 36 traditional Finnish folk tunes and songs. This book may be purchased by itself or with a CD to illustrate some of the techniques. Also available as ebook.
picture of Fishbone Book

Fishbone: 53 Kantele Tunes for Five Strings

This book includes original compositions by a number of artists, as well as some Finnish and American folk songs. All the tunes can be played by changing only one string from F to F#! The e-book includes song files (in .mp3 format) so you can hear how each kantele part sounds by itself or with other parts.
picture of The Handle on the Banana book

The Handle on the Banana

This book contains 57 songs to enjoy with children. Included are songs to sing around the campfire, familiar childhood favorites and some original music written for young children. Instructions for accompanying games and fingerplays are included. All music can be played on a ten string kantele.
picture of Compleat Chords For The Kantele Book

Compleat Chords for the Kantele: Revised

This book contains extensive chord charts (420 charts, total) for all the major and minor keys, including charts for pentatonic tunings in all the keys. In addition, there is information on tuning your kantele, a small glossary of musical terms, and 45 mostly original songs and tunes written and arranged for five and ten strings.