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This second re-vision includes a major overhaul of the chords used with each song. Some new arrangements are also included.

chord book

Compleat Chords for the Kantele: Revised

by Lani K. Thompson
© 2002-2008 by Lani K. Thompson

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My book is divided into two parts. The front of the book has information on tuning your kantele, and charts for the three basic kantele chords (I, V, IV) in all the major and minor keys. See a sample chord chart page. In addition, there are 45 songs and tunes for five and ten string instruments including:

12 songs in the Key of C/Am (no sharps or flats)

  • Love is a Tall Ship (10 strings)
  • Jongleurs And Gypsies(10 strings)
  • Falt Trom, Trom Dualach (10 strings)
  • Promises (5 strings)
  • Amber Heart (5 strings)
  • The Harvest Man (5 strings)
  • A Song For Ruth (5/10 strings)
  • The Handle on the Banana (10 strings) Click on title to see this page.
  • Meeka, Deeka, Neeka, Peeka, Pooka (10 strings)
  • The Gorilla Did It (10 strings)
  • The Ballerina (10 strings)
  • Kitten in the Corner (10 strings)

11 songs in the Key of F/Dm (one flat - Bb)

  • Raindrops (5 strings)
  • In the Pines (5/10 strings)
  • Triplets (5 strings)
  • Daffodils (10 strings)
  • Ukko Dancing (5 strings)
  • In the Forest (10 strings)
  • Louhi's Daughter (5/10 strings)
  • Ballad of Johnny Graham (10 strings)
  • O Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye (10 strings)
  • Silver Plated Memories (10 strings)
  • The Night We Said Good Bye (10 strings)

5 songs in the Key of Dm with C#

  • Lonely Mountain (10 strings)
  • Yksi, Kaksi, Kolmi, Neljä (10 strings)
  • Matalan Torpan Ballad (10 strings)
  • Street Talk (10 strings)
  • Alphabet Soup (10 strings)

11 songs in the Key of D/Bm (Two Sharps: C# and D#)

  • The Magic Sampo (5 strings)
  • Banks of the Ohio (5 strings)
  • Working in the Meadow (5 strings)
  • Tuuti, Tuuti (5 strings) Click on title to see this page.
  • Karhupeiiaispolska (5/10 strings)
  • Sailor's Waltz (10 strings)
  • Down in the Valley (5/10 strings)
  • Blue Stockings (10 strings) Click on title to see this page.
  • Waltzing Matilda (10 strings)
  • Sidh Bheg 's Sidh Mhor (10 strings)
  • Graham Cracker Train (10 strings)

6 songs in the Key of Am Pentatonic

  • Walking Through the Wasteland (5/10 strings)
  • Again (10 strings) Click on title to see this page.
  • Touch the Sky (10 strings)
  • Four Notes (5 strings)
  • Under the Stars (10 strings)
  • Mulciber Dreams (10 strings)

The back of the book includes a small dictionary of musical terms used in the book and a collection of 420 chords for five and ten string kanteles. Major and minor chords in the diatonic and pentatonic scales are included.

My book is 170 pages long and has a plastic comb binding so it will lie flat while you're using it.