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Middle Earth

"Now let the song begin! - (Tom Bombadil's song by JRR Tolkien)"


Eleilinde is descended from a long line of musicians. Her father, Curulir, was a minstrel of great renown whose anthems helped turn the tide at the Battle of Fornost in 1975. Her mother, Lindis Gandelur, was well-known for her skill on the lyre and for the beautiful elven lays she composed. But, in spite of the fact that Eleilinde can play the harp and the lyre, flute, clarinet, and bagpipes - as well as a host of other instruments - she is not often heard playing for the elves in Rivendell. Those elves disapprove of her music which they say is too common and influenced by the Race of Man. Yet who can forget the simple, heart-breaking melody of 'Always' with the accompanying lyrics she penned for her beloved Eowine. "We will always be together, I believe. Never parting, always loving Till’ the end of Time."

Eleilinde and Eowine had only ten years together before he was slain by raiding orcs who stole his black horse, Tologan, a wedding gift from Eleilinde to her beloved. Now she wanders alone through Middle Earth but, though she has sworn an oath against all orcs, she refuses to let their darkness infect her. Instead, she chooses to remember the light of Eowine and use it to bring hope to any and all who suffer from despair. Should you meet Eleilinde on your travels through Middle Earth, do not think her too despondent to approach. In spite of Eowine's death and the shadows of Angmar, she still finds much to sing about.

picture of Eleilinde


  1. Always: written for Eowine.

  2. In Rivendell: written for Eleilinde's sister Gandelur, who dwells in Amon.

  3. Ballad of the Red Maid: for the maid in Agamaur.

  4. Sailing the Sea of Stars: a composition by the minstrel Curulir, whose anthems helped turn the tide at the Battle of Fornost in 1975.

  5. Eru's Vision: After the Ainur fashioned their great song - the song from which the material Universe was formed - Eru showed them a vision of what their song had created.