hear the harp of Väinämöinen...

Music Inspired by the Kalevala

I've been working on a series of songs inspired by the Kalevala, and hope to make videos of them.

Aino's Lament

Aino's reaction to being told she is to marry old Väinämöinen, after her brother
Joukahainen loses a singing contest to him, is told in Rune 4 of the Kalevala.

Väinämöinen's Birth

I decided to experiment by including a rhythm track with this song, which comes from Rune 1 of the Kalevala and tells the story of Väinämöinen's Birth.

Sahri Maid

This song, which I call Sahri Maid comes from Rune 11 and it tells the story of Kyllikki's abduction by Lemminkäinen.